Royal Reels 4 VIP games

Royal Reels 4 offers an enticing VIP Loyalty Program designed to reward players as they progress through different levels of play. Let's systematically explore this program and its benefits.

VIP Levels and Associated Rewards

Level 1 - Opal:

  • Starting Level: Your journey begins here.
  • Progression: Reach Garnet level by earning 125 XP.
  • Reward Conversion: Convert points at a rate of 50 XP to $1.00.

Level 2 - Garnet:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 125 XP.
  • Total Rewards: $2.50 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 3 - Topaz:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 500 XP.
  • Total Rewards: $10 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 4 - Tanzanite:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 2,000 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $25 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $40 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 5 - Amethyst:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 7,500 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $120 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $150 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 6 - Aquamarine:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 30,000 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $600 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $600 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 7 - Emerald:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 125,000 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $3,000 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $2,500 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 8 - Sapphire:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 500,000 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $15,000 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $10,000 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 9 - Ruby:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 2,000,000 XP.
  • Instant Bonus: $75,000 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $40,000 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Level 10 - Diamond:

  • XP Required: Earn an additional 10,000,000 XP.
  • Ultimate Reward: A brand new Lamborghini Huracan.
  • Instant Bonus: $100,000 wager-free bonus.
  • Total Rewards: $200,000 in XP Redemption bonuses.

Key Features of the VIP Loyalty Program

  • XP Conversion: Points accumulated can be converted to real currency.
  • Wager-Free Bonuses: Certain levels offer instant bonuses that are wager-free.
  • Exclusive Rewards: The highest levels provide extraordinary rewards, including luxury items like a Lamborghini.

How to Maximize Your VIP Experience

  • Regular Play: Consistently playing games at Royal Reels helps accumulate XP faster.
  • Strategic Gaming: Focus on games that offer higher XP to accelerate your progression.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on your VIP progress and plan your gaming sessions accordingly.


VIP loyalty programs are essential in retaining players and enhancing their casino experience. Let's compare the advantages and disadvantages of the VIP loyalty program offered by Royal Reels 4 with other popular online casinos in Australia.

  • Generous Reward Structure:
    • Royal Reels stands out with its substantial rewards, including high cash bonuses and luxury items like a Lamborghini for top-tier members. This is relatively rare among Australian online casinos, where rewards are often more modest.
  • Progressive XP System:
    • The XP (Experience Points) system allows players to track their progress transparently, offering a clear path to next-level rewards. This progression system is user-friendly and motivating.
  • Instant Wager-Free Bonuses:
    • The provision of instant wager-free bonuses at higher levels is a significant advantage, as it gives players immediate, restriction-free access to their rewards.


High Wagering Requirements for Advancement:

  • The XP requirements for advancing to higher levels, especially in the upper echelons of the program, are significantly high. This can be daunting and less achievable for casual players, compared to other Australian casinos with more accessible tier advancements.

Limited Contribution from Non-Slot Games:

  • Given that only slots contribute significantly towards XP, players who prefer table games or live dealer games may find it challenging to progress in the VIP tiers.

Lack of Diversity in Reward Options:

  • While the rewards are generous, they are predominantly cash-based or singular high-value items, lacking the variety of options (like event tickets, dedicated account managers, etc.) offered in some other VIP programs.

Comparison with Other Australian Online Casinos

Reward Diversity:

  • Other Australian online casinos often offer a broader range of rewards in their VIP programs, including personalized services, exclusive event invitations, and diverse bonus options.

Accessibility of VIP Levels:

  • Some Australian casinos have lower thresholds for advancing in VIP levels, making it more accessible for a wider range of players to receive VIP benefits.

Inclusivity of Game Types:

  • Other casinos might offer more balanced contribution rates across different game types, catering to a wider variety of gaming preferences in their VIP program.

Customization and Personalization:

  • Certain Australian online casinos offer more personalized VIP experiences, tailoring rewards and bonuses to individual player preferences, something that is less evident in Royal Reels' more standardized program.

FAQs VIP Loyalty Program

Here’s a comprehensive FAQs section to address common queries about the VIP Loyalty Program at Royal Reels 4.

What is the Royal Reels 4 VIP Loyalty Program?

The VIP Loyalty Program is a rewards system designed to offer Royal Reels 4 players various benefits and bonuses based on their level of play. It consists of 10 levels, ranging from Opal to Diamond.

How do I earn points in the VIP Program?

Points, or XP (Experience Points), are earned primarily through playing slot games. Each bet contributes to your XP, helping you progress through the VIP levels.

What rewards can I expect at each VIP level?

Rewards vary by level and include cash bonuses, XP Redemption bonuses, and high-value items like a Lamborghini at the Diamond level.

Are there any wagering requirements for the rewards?

Yes, there are wagering requirements for some rewards. However, certain bonuses, especially at higher levels, are offered as wager-free.

How do I convert my XP into rewards?

You can convert your accumulated XP into rewards directly through your account. The conversion rate is typically 50 XP to $1.00.

Is there a minimum XP requirement to maintain my VIP status?

Yes, each level has a specific XP requirement to reach and maintain. Failing to meet these requirements may result in dropping to a lower VIP level.

Can table games and live dealer games contribute to my VIP points?

While these games contribute to your XP, their contribution rate is significantly lower than slot games, at around 3%.

What happens if I don’t use my VIP rewards?

Unused VIP rewards, especially those with time limitations, may expire. It’s important to use your rewards within the stipulated time frame.

Can I access the VIP program on mobile?

Yes, the VIP Loyalty Program is accessible and fully functional on mobile devices, allowing you to earn and redeem points on the go.

What should I do if I encounter issues with my VIP account?

If you face any challenges with your VIP account or rewards, contact Royal Reels 4’s customer support for assistance.