Royal Reels 4 withdrawal and deposit info

Welcome to the world of Royal Reels 4, where banking is as smooth as a shuffling deck of cards. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the online casino scene, understanding the banking process is key to a seamless gaming experience. Let's dive in!

Here's a concise table summarizing the key aspects of Royal Reels 4 Casino’s banking options:

Banking Aspect


Minimum Deposit for Bonus


No Deposit Bonus Cap

Specified at bonus activation, excess forfeited before withdrawal

Payment Processing

Third-party processors and financial institutions used

Approved Payment Methods

As listed on the casino's website

Account Matching

Payment account must match the registered user's name

Fraud Prevention

Additional verification in case of suspicious activities

Withdrawal Process

Requests made via Personal Account; subject to eligibility checks

Identification for Withdrawal

Required for each withdrawal request

Withdrawal Order

Processed on a first-come, first-served basis

Alternate Withdrawal Methods

Used if the deposit method doesn’t support withdrawals

General Fee

None, except for credit card transactions

Credit Card Fee

~3% (varies with bank rates)

Processing Time

Generally within 10 minutes; some banks may delay up to 24 hours

Currency Conversion


PayID Feature

Unique PayID for deposits

Credit Card Deposit Range

$30 - $1,000, in multiples of $10

Cryptocurrency Options

Bitcoin, Ether, USDT (ERC20/TRC20), USDC (ERC20)

Deposit Bonus Eligibility

Check Rewards page and verify mobile number to claim

Deposit Methods for Aussie Players

Types and Descriptions

  • Credit Card: A classic choice for instant transactions.
  • Crypto Deposits: Including Bitcoin, Ether, and various USDT options.
  • PayID: A popular Australian payment method.

Deposit Time and Rules

  • Processing Time: Credit Card deposits are instant, while PayID transactions take about 10 minutes. Some banks may hold payments for up to 24 hours.
  • Minimum Deposit: The minimum deposit amount is $20.
  • Deposit Bonus Eligibility: Check the Rewards page and verify your mobile number before depositing to claim available bonuses.

How to Deposit: Step-by-Step Instruction

  • Select Payment Method: Choose from Credit Card, Crypto, or PayID.
  • Enter Amount: Follow the minimum and maximum limits.
  • Confirm Transaction: Complete the process and start playing!

Withdrawal Methods for Aussie Players

Types and Descriptions

  • Bank Transfer: Secure and straightforward.
  • Crypto Withdrawal: Fast and innovative.

Withdrawal Time and Rules

  • Minimum Withdrawal: Set at $50.
  • Maximum Daily Withdrawal: Capped at $9,000.

Withdrawal Rules

How to Get a Verified Account for Big Withdrawals?

  • Complete the KYC process for identity verification.
  • Ensure all your payments have been checked for legality.

How to Withdraw Money: Step-by-Step Instruction

  • Request Withdrawal: From your Personal Account.
  • Select Payment System: Choose a method listed on the website.
  • Enter Details in withdrawal form: Ensure accuracy for a smooth transaction.

Transaction Processing Time

Processing Time: Withdrawal requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. But we found reviews with problems with deposit time, which is not typical for online casinos in Australia. So a player from Canberra complained about a 4-day wait for a deposit via payid payment. Therefore, be careful and think about whether it’s worth playing in this casino when there are others with a high rating and instant deposits.

Fees Associated with Payment Systems at Royal Reels 4

  • Credit Card Deposits: Approximately 3% fee.
  • Other Methods: Generally no fees, but some banks may have specific charges.

Payment Security Measures

Royal Reels 4 employs advanced security protocols to protect your financial information and ensure the integrity of all transactions.

Withdrawal and Deposit Table

Payment Method

Withdrawal Time

Deposit Time


Credit Card

Up to 24 hours









Up to 10 mins


At Royal Reels 4, banking is tailored for convenience and security. With a 3 methods deposit and 1 withdrawal method, the casino ensures that your financial transactions are hassle-free and secure.

Payments Terms and rules

Royal Reels 4 has established specific protocols and rules for its banking operations to ensure a secure and efficient experience for its users. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their payment system:

Deposit Details

  • Minimum Deposit for Bonuses: The threshold to qualify for deposit bonuses is $20.
  • Bonus Withdrawal Cap: Withdrawals from no deposit bonuses have a maximum limit, which is specified when the bonus is activated. This includes the $10 Welcome Bonus, where any amount exceeding the cap is forfeited before withdrawal.

Deposits and Withdrawals

  • Third-Party Processing: Royal Reels reserves the right to employ third parties for processing electronic payments.
  • Authorized Payment Methods: Only methods listed on the casino's website are valid for transactions.
  • Account Ownership: Users must ensure that the account used for payments matches the name registered on the website. The casino disclaims liability for discrepancies in account names.
  • Transaction Integrity: Users are expected not to cancel or reverse completed payments to avoid legal consequences.
  • Fraud Prevention: In cases of suspicious activities, such as using stolen credit cards, the casino may request additional information from the client. Failure to comply can lead to account termination and forfeiture of winnings.

Withdrawal Process

  • Request Procedure: Withdrawals are initiated from the Personal Account using listed payment systems.
  • Eligibility Conditions: Withdrawals are subject to checks for legality of funds and completion of user profile details.
  • Identification Checks: The casino may perform identity verification for each withdrawal request.
  • Processing Order: Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Alternate Systems for Withdrawals: If the deposit method doesn’t support withdrawals, an alternative system, matching the user's registered information, will be used.
  • User Responsibility: Accuracy of withdrawal information lies solely with the user.

Fees and Processing Time

  • General Fee: No general fees are charged by Royal Reels for transactions.
  • Credit Card Fees: Around 3%, varying with bank exchange rates.
  • Processing Time: Usually within 10 minutes, though some banks may hold payments for up to 24 hours.
  • Currency Conversion: Transactions are converted to USDT.
  • PayID Feature: Users receive a unique PayID for deposit transactions.

Deposit Amounts and Bonus Eligibility

  • Credit Card Deposits: Minimum $30 and maximum $1,000, in multiples of $10.
  • Cryptocurrency Options: Bitcoin, Ether, and various forms of USDT and USDC are accepted.
  • Bonus Claim: Check the Rewards page and verify your mobile number to claim deposit bonuses.


  • Diverse Payment Options: Royal Reels 4 offers traditional methods like Credit Cards alongside modern solutions like Crypto and PayID, catering to a broad audience.
  • Crypto-Friendly: The acceptance of multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ether, is a significant plus. This is in line with global trends and appeals to tech-savvy players.
  • Low Minimum Deposit: With a minimum deposit of just $20, Royal Reels is accessible to players with different budget levels.
  • High Withdrawal Limits: The maximum daily withdrawal limit of $9,000 is relatively high compared to some Australian online casinos that often cap this at around $5,000.
  • Speedy Transaction Processing: Deposits are instant for most methods, and withdrawal processing times are competitive, ensuring players have quick access to their funds.


  • Fees on Credit Card Deposits: The approximate 3% fee on credit card deposits can be a deterrent, especially when some competitors offer fee-free transactions.
  • Limited Information on Processing Times for Withdrawals: While deposit times are clear, the exact duration for withdrawals could vary, which might be a point of uncertainty for players.
  • No Direct Bank Transfers for Deposits: Some players prefer direct bank transfers, which are not currently listed as a deposit method at Royal Reels.

Comparison with Other Australian Online Casinos

  • Payment Method Diversity: Other top online casinos in Australia also offer a range of payment options, but not all include cryptocurrency, which is a distinct advantage for Royal Reels.
  • Fees: Many online casinos have started reducing or eliminating deposit fees to stay competitive, making Royal Reels' credit card fees somewhat less attractive.
  • Minimum Deposit Requirements: Royal Reels' $20 minimum deposit is on par with the industry standard in Australia. Some casinos offer lower minimum deposits, but these are often accompanied by higher wagering requirements.
  • Withdrawal Speed and Limits: The high withdrawal limit at Royal Reels is an advantage, but some competitors offer faster withdrawal processing times, particularly for e-wallets and crypto methods.
  • Security and Trust: Most Australian online casinos, including Royal Reels, use advanced security measures. However, trust also builds through transparency in terms of fees and processing times, an area where some competitors might have an edge.

Payments FAQs

What is the minimum deposit?

It's AUD$20.

Are there fees for credit card deposits?

Yes, about 3%.

How long does a PayID deposit take?

Normally within 10 minutes. But we have reviews with complaints about 4 days payid deposit.

What is the maximum withdrawal amount per day?